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by A.M.C.
Diogenes, a real human being. (What would he think of society today? How would society treat such a person?)

This website is an ambitious project, with the goal of helping humanity examine our relationship with the objective truth and reality as a whole. I think the world can be changed through philosophy, because it is the root and foundation of how we decide our beliefs and therefore our real world actions. I fundamentally have faith in humanity and our eventual victory over ignorance and darkness. This project is my personal way of affirming this belief in our species,  joining and contributing to the human family, of joining the dance of life so to speak. I finally grew tired of other people having all the fun and doing all the dancing (lol). My hope is I can provide a unique point of view and learn more about the nature of our reality from my fellow humans. The aim is to provide people with tools like critical thinking and appreciation for our fellow humans, in a world constantly trying to lead us astray from what really matters in this life. To provide a space where ego is cast aside in favor of reason and logic in the pursuit of knowledge and truth, in a world that I keep being shown, desperately needs this. I believe it is a more important skill to be able to understand everything you read, than to be able to express yourself in an unnecessarily complicated manner that many times masquerades as “academic” language. Which often times is just a way to obfuscate what you are really trying to get across, language is a trap in a way, but also a tool depending on the true purpose and heart of the one wielding it. Language is a tool to understand ideas, so it is simply the unavoidable vehicle that is  necessarily used to get to our destination. There is beauty in simplicity, in peeling away the layers of issues that many want to complicate. These ideas are the reason for the conversational format, simplicity, and intended interactivity of this project. Philosophy should be accessible and understandable by children and adults alike, for it helps us understand reality and our place in it, the reality we share regardless of age or circumstance. Help me fulfill the purpose of this project by participating if you believe that your ideas are of value and your purpose is true.