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by A.M.C.

If you think I should make more content and believe I have added value to your life (this project’s intention) please feel free to donate what you can. If you have no money or feel like you can contribute something by donating your time and energy to this project then please do so. I want this project to be open source in a way, so if you’re an artist of some kind, donate your art, if you can improve my intro music, donate some music, if you’re a thinker donate your ideas, if you want to collaborate, contact me, if you can only donate suggestions, they better be good, etc. If you truly feel like you can improve this project in any way, then you can help. I did not create this project for the purpose of collecting money but it is a necessary evil to ensure the longevity of this project. I will never have ads or put paywalls on any content posted here and this is a matter of principle relating to the ideas and ideals we are dealing with. So please help me keep this project pure and ensure its longevity by donating what you can.

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